Saturday, June 26, 2010

23 months!

We are now just one month away from Ellena's second birthday! Oh my! This girl constantly amuses me... whether it's her sweet, loving hugs and kisses whenever I say "Ouch", her dancing prowess (mainly moving her arms like Row Row Row Your Boat), the monkey-see-monkey-do mentality she shares with her big brother, or the dramatic temper tantrums that can start out of nowhere and end just as quickly. Every new day with Ellena is a special gift.

We have been working on the whining and things are getting better. She now makes it a point to ask for things in her "cute" voice and I think she understands that she gets things much quicker that way!

Ellena is very conscious of her personal space. When we are out and about, she does not like people approaching her. Say we are in the grocery store. If a stranger starts coming down the same aisle as us, she will hold her arm out to them and shout, "Stop right now!" But the strangers don't usually understand her and think she is waving at them, so they approach her and talk to her. Ha!

Pockets - Ellena loves pockets! She decides what shorts/pants to wear based on if they have pockets! She will then carry a Hot Wheels car around in her pocket all day! I now know to shop only for bottoms with pockets. And the dress I made for her - I added some patch pockets to the skirt.

Dora - Oh, how Ellena loves Dora the Explorer. She gets to watch one Dora show after naptime. When I put her down, she never fails to say, "Dora... and Boots... and Swiper too." She loves her Dora nightie and Dora panties and today she picked out Dora rubber slippers. This is her first pair of footwear that has the strap between the toes. My mom said, "She's so hardhead, she's going to force herself to get used to the strap just so she can wear them." Yup, she did.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Sunshine = Water Balloons!

We're hoping that the summer sunshine is finally here to stay! The kids got to play with water balloons this weekend and were pretty good about our two rules - don't throw it at anyone who doesn't want to get wet and pick up all the trash afterwards. Something to note - these new balloons are way smaller than the ones we had growing up - they don't fit on our spigot and are really hard to tie! You almost have to buy the special attachment!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Weekend Pics

Here are some pics from our weekend.

We went to our friend's school carnival - so much fun for everyone!

We then went to support our friends at the ACS Relay for Life.

Pops and Ellena hamming it up for the camera.

That night, the kids got to roast their enormous marshmallows for dessert!


Just finished a dress for Ellena to wear to a wedding in July. Here she is modeling the dress (with her pajama pants and socks!)

Friday, June 4, 2010

Spoiled by Pops

We spent our Monday at the Aquarium and lunch at Crab Pot - a fun family outing for everyone. Well, after resting in the afternoon, I went to a class at the gym and Pops took the kids to do our weekly grocery shopping - what a brave, brave man. But he said all went smoothly! And the kids came home with a bag of marshmallows as big as their fists, colored goldfish crackers (even though I buy goldfish in bulk at Costco) and special cheese... Along with Evan's new Under Armor shirt (which he calls Underarm) and Ellena's new Dora nightie. Score!