Monday, May 30, 2011

Leavenworth Day Trippin'

It was Memorial Day weekend and we had NO plans! So on Sunday morning, we decided to take a 2 hour drive to Leavenworth - Washington's "Bavarian Getaway." We had a great time exploring this cute town and ate and ate and ate! We arrived around lunch time, so we yelped it to Munchen Haus, known for their brats - yum! Kids didn't like their turkey dog much, so Pops got them a JUMBO popcorn!

We browsed a variety of stores - toys, Christmas decorations and even one dedicated to nutcrackers! Pops and I hung out at a brewery while the grandparents took the kids to a park - where they made new friends and even saw a deer!

We then looped back to the center pavilion where they had live musicians and a big hill for the kids to roll down. Before leaving, we had to get some ice cream and pastries from the Danish bakery. Those danishes and kringles were ah-maze-ing, but I'm not convinced there is anything worth a 2 hour drive. We're glad we went, but will definitely stay away during their peak Christmas tourist season - can't imagine the crowds!

The Gun Show

Ellena was wearing an undershirt the other day and Pops thought he saw some skin where he shouldn't be seeing skin. Turns out, her brand new undershirt had a hole in the sleeve! Luckily, it should be a pretty easy fix and she can wear the shirt again... But of course I had to take a picture of Ellena flexing her muscles with the hole - the shirt can't contain these guns!

By the way, I made the ladybug shirt for Ellena - it's a shirt, not a dress she's outgrown. Ellena has decided she no longer wears "pretty dresses". She will only wear shorts/pants and shirts. So I am on a mission to make her the cutest darn shirts out there!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Ellena Lobster

Pops picked up this snazzy lobster shirt for Ellena when he was in Boston last week. Here she is modeling the tee. Miss you, Pops!

Monday, May 16, 2011

Momoka & Rikuo

We had our friends Momo and Riku over for playtime and dinner - what fun! Pops was in charge of getting a picture of the kids - like wrangling cats!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Mother's Day Weekend

What a fun and special Mother's Day weekend we had! On Saturday we went to lunch at my favorite restaurant, Wild Ginger. We went to the Bellevue location cause it's closer, not realizing their menu is a little different from Seattle. Note to self, go to Seattle next time.

We then walked around the Bravern and picked up Vovito gelato for the kids and Trophy cupcakes for the moms! Yum!

That night Evan was excited to prepare dinner for us. He received a little Smokey Joe Weber grill as a Boy's Day gift, so he planned the menu accordingly - hot dogs, toasty buns and smores, along with a green salad he created himself and Ellena pitched in by making a fruit salad. Hope the kids cooking for us will become a Mother's Day tradition!

We took it easy Sunday with our usual grocery run, conveyor belt sushi for lunch and Pops did a seafood feast for dinner. Evan is looking forward to tomorrow's gift delivery - chocolate covered strawberries... I'm not 100% convinced he'll be sharing those with me!


For the last two days, Ellena has been cutting pieces of colored tape and sticking it on a Valentine heart. The heart is about 1 inch thick, there's so much tape on it. This afternoon Ellena decided that the tape was too sticky and started taking off every piece of tape. In an incredulous voice, Evan asked her, "Are you serious? You're going to take off all that tape?" Her response - Yup, cause it's sticky. Evan then went on to say, "But it's sticky tape! That's what it is! Sticky tape is.... sticky!"