Thursday, June 21, 2012

Ellena's Last Day of School

Here is Ellena at her last day of school. She is sitting at the table with 2 of her favorite friends: Kushagra and Brett.

Ellena was so excited to get a lizard tattoo at her carnival. And she got more lizard friends at the fishing booth, as well as some treats for Evan too. What a thoughtful sister!

Beach Time

As our trip was coming to an end, Ellena asked if we could go to the beach. When Grandma asked Ellena if she knew we were going to the beach, she replied, "Of course I know. I planned the plan."

We got Grandma & Grandpa and went to a nearby beach. Not the nicest on the island, but very very close to home - which is perfect for a short walk in the waves and some sand play. Grandpa brought the boogie board so she could float in the water, but she refused to go in... until she had to pee. So she did make it into the water, for a short time. And Grandpa wore his lizard hat, just for Ellena.

The Ladies and Some Gents

We were able to round up most of the ladies of the family for a quick group picture... and a couple of the gents as well - my dad and Uncle Tommy.


Ellena got to play with some of her cousins. We met Logan for the first time!

Ellena and Austin enjoyed the Tinker Toys.

Ellena, Austin & Raine playing Tinker Toys. Austin cracks me up - when I ask them to smile for the camera and say Cheese, he winks! Too funny!

Ellena's Lizards

Ellena enjoyed searching for lizards during her stay on Maui. Grandpa's family of lizards are no longer living under his outside fridge, but we found some chameleon friends in one of Grandma's plants. And Grandma got Ellena a lizard beanie baby. Ellena named it "Momma"... but it got confusing so then she changed it to "Ellena." Yup, still too confusing. It is on its third name - "Lizard Junior" and it's now a boy!