Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Sept 30 Evanisms

* The other day, Evan and Poppa were in QFC together. Out of nowhere, Evan stopped in his tracks and put up his index finger. He exlaimed, "One thing! We need Goldfish! We ran out and I need to get more!!"

* This morning Evan woke up and wanted to be carried downstairs. I told him that I need to carry the laundry downstairs. How can I carry him, too? He replied in the sweetest voice, "You can come back up for the laundry! Can you do that?"

* As Evan was leaving for school with Grandpa, Evan asked me, "Is Ellena going to cry when Evan goes to school? Cause she misses me?"

Monday, September 29, 2008

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Evan's Baby

Tonight Evan and I had quite the conversation about babies. Which is funny, since our buddy, Jack, had a similar convo with his mom...

Evan: I have a baby in my belly.

Momma: You do?! How did it get there?

Evan: I don't know.

Momma: What is the baby doing now?

Evan: I don't know.

Momma: What's going to happen to your baby?

Evan: Remember when you went to the doctor's office and Dr. Haines got your baby out? (In a tone like, duh, mom...)

Momma: Yes, I remember.

Evan: Cause you didn't want your baby in you any more. And I don't want my baby in me anymore. But my baby is different. It's a boy.

Sept 27 Update

Ellena is 2 months old! My little girl is growing up! She's 11 lbs. 12 oz (75th percentile) and 22.75 inches long (50-75 %). She's much bigger than Evan was at this age.

Evan had some random stuff he was jabbering about this morning. He was in the kitchen and he just started saying, "Japanese... Japanese... Japanese... There were five Japanese guys who were born at the hospital... and then they left." How random is that?!

Yesterday Evan was eating a quick lunch before heading to soccer. Here's our convo:

Evan: I don't want to go to soccer...

Momma: You're going.

Evan: Why does Evan have to go to soccer?

Momma: Because when it was time to sign up for soccer I gave you a choice. You could go to soccer or you could take a break. You chose to go to soccer. So Momma signed you up and paid money so that you could go to soccer. It costs money, so that is why you are going.

As he was getting ready to leave, Evan found a nickel. He insisted on taking it to soccer, "because he has to give Coach Andrew money."

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Sept 25

Today was waayyyy too busy. Evan went to preschool and I took Ellena to an ultrasound at Siemens (non-medical - Ellena is an ultrasound model!) Evan came home from preschool and we had a quick lunch. The three of us then went to Toyota to check out some cars. Got home and put Evan down for a nap. Evan woke up from his nap and we went to Cold Stone for an ice cream treat, benefiting the Make a Wish Foundation. Met up with my friend, Jeff, and picked up Thai for dinner. Ate dinner, got the kids bathed and in bed, then got to chat with Jeff... Phew!

Tomorrow, another busy day - Ellena has her 2-month check up and Evan has preschool and

Here's a picture of the girl and the two cats. With Piko and Poki snuggling together (a very rare event), I couldn't resist and put Ellena down with them.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008


After over a year of the Backyardigans, Evan has found a new show that he enjoys - Go, Diego Go! We watch it together and I must say, I'm learning a few things about animals... and Spanish. ha!

The other day, Evan came walking into the room and said, "Hola, amigos! I'm at the Animal Rescue Center!" I just cracked up.

He's a pretty observant guy and notices that Diego wears his rescue pack slung across his body like a messenger bag. So Evan puts things (necklaces, lei, anything he can wear) around himself and says it's his rescue pack.

Evan has asked to be Diego for Halloween. I remember one of my former co-workers talking about her grandson picking something to dress up as and then constantly changing his mind, all the way up to Halloween. I was worried about making a costume for Evan and then he change his mind. However, I think Evan is set in his ways, at least for this Halloween. Back in May, we got a bug catcher for his cousin's birthday. Now that Evan's birthday is coming up, he's asked for a bug catcher too. So I've started working on the costume and we shall see how it turns out. :) We are still trying to figure out what Ellena will be for Halloween. We figure, for this year and probably next year, she can be Evan's sidekick. And then after that, all bets are off - I'm sure she'll have a strong opinion of what she'll be for Halloween!

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Sept 20 pics

Poppa saw this onesie and had to get it for his little girl.

This kid is such a character.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Sept 18 Pics

My new favorite picture of the girl.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Grouchy Momma

Evan has started waking up in the middle of the night. I don't mind too much if I'm up anyway, feeding Ellena. But if it's during the rare moment when I'm getting some much needed rest, I get very grouchy. Especially if he doesn't need anything and he's just doing it for attention. Last night, he was up at 3:45 and then again at 6:00, 6:20 and 6:40. I was not pleased. Then, Ellena was up and I was officially done with sleeping. Err...

So every morning, I sing a song to Ellena when she wakes up. It goes like this:

"When Ellena wakes up in the morning, she always says good day. When Ellena wakes up in the morning, she always says good day. Ehhhh, ehhhhh, that is what she says. Ehhhh, ehhhh, that is what she says."

I repeat it with what Piko, Poki, and Evan says. For Evan, he says, "Momma, where are you" and "Poppa, where are you".

Today, after our crummy morning together, Evan wanted to sing the song to Ellena. This is his rendition:

"When Evan wakes up in the morning, he always says good day. Momma where are you? (Then, in a really gruff voice) Go back to sleep! That is what he says."

His second verse went like this:

"When Momma wakes up in the morning, she always says good day. (Again, in the gruff voice) Go back to sleep! That is what she says."

Hopefully he will sleep through tonight. Having Grouchy Momma around the house is NO FUN, Evan can attest to that!

Monday, September 15, 2008

Fun at the Farm

We were invited to a birthday party at Remlinger Farms this past weekend and it was a really nice time. Pops and I worked at the Farm years ago, managing corporate picnics, and we've also enjoyed their U-Pick strawberries, raspberries and pumpkins, but we've never been in the Family Fun Park before. Evan had so much fun. Perhaps next year we'll get a summer pass and enjoy it all summer long.

Friday, September 12, 2008

Sweet Smiles

Ellena was in a smiley mood this afternoon and I was able to get some pics. Her sweet smile makes my heart soar... I live for those smiles! Those 4 AM feedings don't seem so bad anymore. I'm going to jinx it and have a really rough night now... darn! Oh well, I'll just have to coax some sweet smiles out of her tomorrow!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Sept 10 pics

Ellena is thinking, "My brother is such a ham..."

School Talks

When Evan comes home from school, we always have a conversation about what he did that day. He tells me about the "work" he's done (Montessori lingo) as well as the snack they served and anything else that happened. Last night I asked him to name his friends. Here's our chat:

Evan: Goshwash.

Momma: Is Joshua still going to your school?

Evan: No, he goes to a different school now.

Now his tone changes to this high pitched, fakey-sad voice: Evan hasn't seen him in a long time. That's so sad... I miss him. He hasn't been in school all week. That's sad... I miss my buddy...

At this point I'm in tears from laughing so hard.

Today Evan asked to watch his school on the webcam while eating breakfast. I pulled it up, but no one was there. Evan said, "Maybe my teachers are sleeping at school. They are tired from walking around and helping the kids."

Monday, September 8, 2008

Opening Day

Yesterday was Baltimore's first regular season game - and they won! Here's the fam in their Ravens attire.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Sept 3 Evanisms

* Grandma Madeline baked blueberry muffins and shared some with us. I started singing "The Muffin Man" song to Evan. He then said, "Is Grandma the Muffin Lady?!"

* Poor Ellena has had diarrhea for almost a week. It's so bad that I would just finish changing a poopy diaper and she would go again. One time this happened and Evan said, "Momma, she's a poop machine!"

* Evan was using the potty and said, "Poppa holds me up to use the urinal. It's so I don't fall in and go down the drain. That would be gross. That is where the poop goes."

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

"Big Air" = Big Smile!

What a smile!! When I was pregnant with Evan, Pops purchased this "Big Air" shirt in Hawaii, complete with monster truck - before we knew if we were having a boy or girl. We figured either way, the baby would look cute in it - although a girl would be pretty tough stuff in it. So when I was going through Evan's baby clothes for Ellena, he made sure Big Air was set aside for her. Here she is in all her glory.

First Day of "Fall School"

Today was Evan's first day of "Fall School". This is what we're calling it, just so he knew that it would be a little different from "June School." We have him enrolled at the same school as summertime, but he has a new teacher, new kids, and he'll be going Monday through Friday, rather than just 3 days a week.

It was a non-event, for the most part. We picked out his outfit last night, which we never did before. He really liked that and I'm not sure if we'll be doing that every night now. We even had a back-up outfit, depending on today's weather. This boy is a planner.

After school, we talked about his morning. Evan said, "I showed the boy where the bathroom was. He didn't know where it was, so I helped him." I thought that was so cool. I think Evan was quite proud of himself for being such a good helper.

Evan on Crack

A few days ago, I found Evan in the kitchen. He had a portion of a Krispy Kreme donut in his system and wow, you should have seen this kid in action. He had 10 tissues out and was scrubbing away at a chair, saying, "Momma, I'm cleaning the chair! Look how clean it is! Come, touch it!" This, all at 100 miles per hour and his little arm scrubbing and scrubbing and scrubbing. It was as if he couldn't stop himself from cleaning the chair. This went on for at least 20 minutes. I am now sitting on the cleanest chair in the house. :) Now we know - watch the sugar intake!

Monday, September 1, 2008

Sept 1 pics

Ellena is growing like crazy! She is outgrowing clothes left and right!

Family Picture

How can you resist this face?! Dinner at Noble Court Restaurant in Bellevue - our favorite Chinese restaurant!