Monday, June 30, 2008

6/30 School Update

I'm learning more and more about Evan's school, from Evan's perspective. Today they had string cheese for a snack. He brought home a picture of a hippo that he used a pushpin to trace. I'm almost positive that "goshwash" is in fact a boy that he's friends with named Joshua. He's pronouncing it more like "gosh-u-wash" now. It sounds like today Joshua was wearing a yellow shirt (from our I-Spy webcam, I believe there were two boys besides Evan wearing a yellow shirt, so this could be accurate info!) Evan also repeats conversations he's had with his classmates. One of them went like this:

Evan: "A boy came over and asked to sit on a chair. Evan said, 'Sorry, there's no chair for you!' That made the boy sad. Then Evan said, 'That's ok.'"

Sunday, June 29, 2008

Where Does He Come Up With This Stuff?

Tonight Uncle Alex came over for dinner. We were all sitting around the table outside and Alex left to go in the house. Evan followed him and had this conversation with him:

Evan: "Uncle, where are you going?"

Alex: "In the house to get water."

Evan: "Why are you getting water? You're a man. You're supposed to get beer."

Saturday, June 28, 2008


Some recent pics of Evan.

Birthday cake time

Bonding with Pops - how cute are they?!

Friday, June 27, 2008

The Countdown Has Begun...

We went to see Dr. Haines yesterday and all looks good - yay! We have our induction scheduled for July 26 - exactly one month away! What could change this date: Lil' Babe decides to come before the 26th, amniotic fluid levels are too low when we go for an ultrasound on July 11, or Labor & Delivery is too busy on the 26th and we get bumped. However, it was a busy day when Evan was scheduled to be induced. So instead of going in at 8 AM, we were called in at 4 PM the same day. So I'm guessing we're most likely set on the 26th (she may potentially be born on the 27th, depending on how long it takes to get her out).

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

So, I like to think of myself as pretty down to earth. But there are a few things that I "indulge" in that I know are pretty out there. One of those things is having a "shoe guy" at Nordstrom. This started way back when I was working in downtown Seattle. We would walk to Nordstrom during our lunch break and visit our shoe guy, who would fit us with a perfect pair of Paolos. Oh how I miss my shoe guy. Now that I practically live in my Nikes, I live vicariously through Evan and got him a "shoe lady." She just called to set up an appointment for the Anniversary pre-sale. So if anyone is interested in getting your own "shoe lady" for your little one, please see Holly at the Bellevue Square Nordstrom Children's Shoe department. She's awesome.

"Celebrity" Sightings in... Lynnwood?!

We were up in Lynnwood (always up to no good) today, working on the townhouse. And who would have thunk we would have seen some local "celebrities"?!

First we were "cruising" Alderwood Mall and there were these two guys in front of me. One of them seemed so familiar. I just couldn't place where I'd seen him before. Especially since I was waaaay out of our neighborhood, I thought it unlikely to run into someone I knew up there. So it finally hit me. It's the guy from American Idol that Simon called a bush baby. However, I couldn't think of his name and I wasn't about to tap him on the shoulder and say, "Hey, aren't you the guy that Simon called a bush baby?!" So I let the "moment" pass and we went our separate ways.

Then we were at Babies R Us and I walked by Tim Eyman and his family. Wow, I just googled him to see how to correctly spell his name, and he's got his own wikipedia entry. Big time, I guess.

So that was our day - star sightings in the Wood. ha ha!

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Lil' Babe Name Update

As my birthday looms, Pops has asked for an extension on the baby name deadline. Granted.

I will say this: we have agreed on her first name and Japanese name (and last name - ha!) I'm just glad we have the first name done! That was probably the roughest. Now on our to-do: Hawaiian name and Chinese name. We are "working" on the Chinese name with a close friend who is giving us some great insights. For instance: it is not considered an honor in the Chinese culture to give the same or even similar sounding name of a family member to a baby. It is considered disrespectful and/or bad luck. Good to know! Thanks Jess!!!!

And as far as Hawaiian names go - another hard one. I've resorted to looking up a list of names and meanings on wikipedia - love the wikipedia. Then, I'll be consulting with my friend, Lono, to make sure we have an accurate translation and we're not missing an okina or kahako somewhere. (Expect an email soon, Lono!) Especially hard when Pops attended a private school that required Hawaiian blood to attend and everyone had a Hawaiian name... so he can't help but think of people he knew from school when I'm throwing out names for him to consider.

One thing he wanted me to clarify... Even after we've decided on Lil' Babe's name, we won't be telling anyone until after the birth. Sorry to get your hopes up.

Park Day

Yesterday we had a lovely time at the park with some of our buddies. The weather has really improved - to the point where it is a little too hot for this preggo. Oh well. There is just no pleasing this one.

Evan and Jack

Pre-School Update

Last week was Evan's first week of pre-school. This morning, he was still very excited to go and I think he's really gotten into his groove at school. Today he told me he ate a fruit strip for a snack and that he had a project with pushpins.

One of the things that he continually repeats is "Gosh-wash". It seems like this "gosh-wash" is a person - perhaps a friend at school. But I just can't make it out. Joshua? Who knows. We were sending an email to one of his friends that moved away and when I asked him to name a friend at school, he again said, "gosh-wash". So we'll see what comes of this "gosh-wash".

Monday, June 23, 2008

Contractions - Oh My!

I think it's interesting that some things that happen, you just have a 6th sense about... an intuition... something that a Mom just knows. And then there are other things that you would think you'd know, but you don't. Kinda confusing, I know. My example: contractions.

When I was pregnant with Evan, I thought I would feel him rolling around inside of me. After talking with the doctor, I learned that it was not Evan, but Braxton Hicks contractions. Ha! We had many of those. I still remember how the top of my uterus would get super hard. So weird - although I think
Pops thinks it's weirder to see my belly move when the little one inside starts squirming. Total alien baby.

So this time around, I've been having Braxton Hicks contractions again. Been there, done that. Know exactly what's going on. It's not Lil' Babe rolling around. Then I started getting a different feeling. Lower and crampy. Hmm... So I asked the doctor about those feelings. He said those are real contractions and not to worry, my body is practicing, as it should. The thing is, I don't remember these at all from Evan's pregnancy. And believe me, this feeling is not one I'd soon forget. So anyways, I just thought it's funny (not funny ha ha, but funny weird) that you would think I'd instinctively know I'm having a contraction, but was totally clueless with both pregnancies.

I've been having the real contractions about once every other day. Not much going on there. Then, last night I probably had 5 in an hour. That was kinda weird. It went away, thank goodness. But these contractions... all I can say is, "Oh my!"

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Busy Day!

Weekends during the summer tend to be very hectic. Yesterday was non-stop busy-ness for us!

First off: The Mommy Group had a special outing to the Carnation Fire Station. The kids got to tour the fire house and all of the trucks. What a cool morning! The fire fighters were so patient and the
kids (and parents!) enjoyed every minute. I think every child left the station wanting to be a fire fighter when they grew up! :) Thank you, Carnation Fire Station!!

A few days before our outing, I talked with Evan about our upcoming adventure. The first thing Evan asked was, "Does the fire station have a store? To buy Evan a fireman's hat?" Hmm, a fire station isn't like the aquarium or zoo, with a fully loaded gift shop. But, those nice fire fighters had hats and goodie bags ready for each child! They were so excited! Evan came home and insisted on wearing his hat as he rode on his Radio Flyer fire truck. He would drive around and ask us, "Do you need help? Do you need help?"

From there, we went to Remlinger Farms for U-Pick strawberries. We came home with 5 baskets of fresh, sweet strawberries. Yum!

Next, we went to celebrate Baby Allen's first birthday at Crossroads International Park in Bellevue. It's a really nice, new park facility. Unfortunately, the water park was not completed yet. But it was a lovely afternoon!

We came home and had some quiet time. No nap for Evan, but he did ok, considering. We then had our friend Alex and his mom over for dinner. Evan turned on the charm for Uncle Alex and Aunty Sandy.

After a brief hiccup at 6 AM (It's too early, Evan! Go back to sleep!), we'll be having a quiet Sunday, thank goodness!

Saturday, June 21, 2008

School Art

In Evan's first week of school, he has already started bringing home art to fill up our fridge. On his second day, he glued shapes onto paper. I think Poppa had a secret conversation with him and asked that Evan make one just for him the next time he went to school. When I went to pick him up yesterday, he came walking out with new art. I said, "Hi, buddy! What have you got there?!" He replied in a very serious voice, "This is for Poppa." Okaaaayyyy. :) It was a picture of a tree and there are small circles outlined where the leaves go. He used one of those stamp pens to make greet dots within the circles - I'm surprised that he did an amazing job of filling in the dots quite well. Wow!

Friday, June 20, 2008

Strange Night & Great School

Here are my thoughts on a strange night and a great school.

Last night, Evan woke up 4 times in the middle of the night. I'm really not sure what was going on. He hasn't woken up in the middle of the night in ages, much less 4 times in one night! The first time he asked to have his birdies turned back on (it plays music.) I did it and left. He then started crying and screaming about an ouchy leg. He asked to have his leg massaged. I'm wondering if he had some growing pains. Hmm...

Number 2: Turn on birdies again. I refused and left.

Number 3: Turn on birdies. I was already in a pissy mood from the last time, so I told him if he wants it so bad, do it himself and don't wake me up.

Number 4: ?? It's all a blur.

He woke up this morning and showed obvious signs of tiredness (read: cranky!) I asked him why he woke up so much last night. He said there was a tiger in his room. We haven't heard about the tiger in a long time. Perhaps he had bad dreams AND growing pains - rough night!

And now, notes about a great school. We have been really pleased with our first week of school. We get to watch Evan on the webcam and see what he's up to. He seems to enjoy the activities, snacks and teachers. And what has really impressed me is that Evan has started using good manners on his own. He knows when to say "thank you," "please," and "excuse me" but usually after some prompting from us. Now, he just says it out of habit. This morning he got out of the car with his teacher and when I passed him his jacket, he immediately said, "Thank you." Yay! Love it!

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Update on Lil' Babe

This morning we went for our 34-week ultrasound to check Lil' Babe's growth. Dr. Haines wanted to make sure all was ok, since I was measuring a little small. Turns out, yes, Lil' Babe is smaller - about 4 to 4.5 pounds right now. But they are not concerned that she is small and sickly, which was the big worry. The game plan: go back in 3 weeks and re-check growth. That would put me at 37 weeks!

They estimate babies at this age gain a half pound a week from now... I'm not sure if that is completely accurate in our case. Again, I think it really comes down to our smaller stature, as compared to larger Americans. If Lil' Babe were on the half pound track, she would be born weighing 7+ pounds - at least a half pound heavier than Evan! (He was 6 lbs. 8 oz.) Whatever her weight turns out to be, we just want her healthy - and it's looking that way right now - phew!

Position-wise, she's still crammed into that far corner. Pictures from today were disappointing, due to her position. We got toes and girl parts. Lovely! :) We'll just have to take a million pictures once she is born!

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Overheard at Target

Here's a conversation I overheard at Target today.

Boy: I like this one (pointing to a Lego set).

Mom: Uh, I'm not sure. It says 7-12 years old on the box.

Boy: But I'm 7!

Mom: Yes, but I don't know if you can put that together. I don't think I can help you.

Boy: (Totally dripping with sarcasm) Well, we know a man named, "Dad..."

Is this a glimpse into the future? It made me appreciate how wonderful Evan's toddlerhood is. The purity, the wonder, the honesty. No sarcasm yet, but with parents like us, I'm sure it's just around the corner!

This & That's

A few things that stand out today:

* Evan is down for his nap. He had a hard time settling down last night and kept calling out for us. Think he finally fell asleep at 9:30 - waaaayy late! Woke up this morning and went to school. Had a good time, came home and ate lunch. We had a picnic in the kitchen - I spread a blanket on the ground and we eat together, rather than at the table. He ate his sandwich and then told me to "save the yogurt for later. I'll eat it when I wake up." Then he laid down and rested his head on my leg. I asked if he wanted to go to sleep. We went upstairs and he started getting extremely cranky - a sure sign that a nap was in order. So he went down for his nap at 12:30 - his usual nap time is 2:00. It's hard going to school!!!

* Not sure what changed, but starting yesterday, he wants me to keep his door open while he sleeps. I told him we can do that for naps, but not for nighttime - cause Poki can wander in at night and take his friends. At least with naps, I can keep an eye on her - she's hovering over my arm as I type right now. :)

* June school goes by way too fast! It's 2.5 hours in the morning and I try to get things done without the little monkey. Today I dropped him off, went to Target (tried to look for some toys for him for the arrival of Lil' Babe, but totally struck out), got a pedicure!, and it was time to pick him up already! Today Evan asked what I do after I take him to school. I told him about my errands and it was hard for him to understand why I do things without him - since he's always gone with me on these errands... well, not the pedicure. He asked why I went to Target. Then he wanted to know what I got at Target. When I told him about the pedi (which I haven't had done since last summer), he was so interested in my toes. He kept touching them, asked why I did that, and asked where my toes were hiding. Too cute.

* What Evan did at school today (from our brief conversation):

The teachers played with him.
He ate pineapples and graham crackers.
He got to glue shapes onto a paper (brought it home and it's on the fridge).
He sang songs (but he didn't sing them for me).
He used the potty, but couldn't reach the soap by himself.

Monday, June 16, 2008

Happy (Belated) Father's Day!

Happy Belated Father's Day to the wonderful dads out there!

Yesterday we were at the mall and it was fun to people-watch and also observe Evan and Pops' interactions. A couple stand-out moments for us:

1 - As we were strolling the mall, with Evan holding Poppa's hand, I noticed Build-a-Bear coming up. I whispered to Pops, 'I wonder if the boy will notice it...' Not 10 seconds later, Evan caught sight of it and gave Poppa's hand a tug. "Poppa, let's go in there!" Build-a-Bear is a store I completely avoid when Evan and I are out together. However, when the three of us are at the mall, it is the store Pops and Evan go to while they wait for me to run my errands. So we were not too surprised by Evan's reaction.

2 - Evan and I were holding hands through the food court. He caught sight of Aunty Annie's pretzels. He immediately let go of my hand and took Poppa's hand. "Poppa, I want a pretzel!" This was comical, and also a little surprising. It was as if he knew that Momma was the 'strict' parent and Poppa was the easier target. Poppa stayed strong and did not give in - didn't help Evan that just 15 minutes ago we had lunch.

First Day of School - Part 2

Seems like Evan adjusted quite well to school. Teachers said he did great and Evan came home happy. :)

Here's what I gathered from our conversations:

* "I painted. The girl said, 'No.' She said 'no' cause there was no paper. I used square paint. Not the other paint."

* "I got to go outside and play. I got to throw. (What did you throw?) Woodchips! (Are you supposed to throw woodchips?) Yes!"

* "I ate a snack. Graham crackers! And the crackers like at Isaac's house!"

* "The boy held his hand. (Whose hand?) Evan's hand."

First Day of School

Today is Evan's first day of school! All went quite smoothly and no tears were shed (that I know of.)

I had to wake Evan up this morning. He was sleeping in and we needed to start getting ready for the day. After our 'good mornings' I told Evan he was going to school today! He perked up and said, "June School?!" He was still pretty groggy at first, but started getting really excited as we ate breakfast and got ready. He would ask me questions like, "Does school have soccer?" "Does school have Thomas (the Train)?" "Does school have milk?" "Does school have water?" "What kind of water?!"

We've toured the campus a couple times and I've been preparing Evan as much as I could. We drove up to school and the staff kept us in the car. The head teacher unbuckled Evan and held his hand as they walked into class. We signed him in and were off. Just like that! It was so fast, so painless, so nice! I'm sure it would have been rougher if Evan showed some resistance, but he was fine. We shall see how it goes. I'm waiting for my password to gain online access to the classroom webcam. That should be interesting!!

Here's Evan getting dressed with Pops. He insisted on wearing this outfit.

Here's Evan 'leading' his teacher to class. This boy is ready to go!

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Why Am I Up So Early?!

I am up way too early this morning. I prefer sleeping in til Evan wakes up - my 6:45 alarm clock - after 7:30 on a good day. So not 4:45. We have a busy day, ending with a BBQ we're hosting tonight, so it's not looking good for me. Especially since there's a good chance Evan will not be taking a nap today (Overlake Hospital's tours are either during his nap or bedtime - ugh!)

So here are the reasons why I'm up way too early:

* Got the worst calf cramp as I turned in my sleep. It still hurts.

* Had a contraction. This then woke up Lil' Babe and she would not stop squirming.

* Cats were hungry and very persistent about getting someone, anyone, out of bed. This included chasing each other around the house, meowing outside of Evan's room (they are too smart!), jumping on the TV - Poki already broke one TV by doing this, digging to China via the litter box, dashing across the bed (where our heads were) and just being obnoxious all around.

I'm going to go lie down and drag a cat into bed... forced snuggles! Payback is a b****!

Phasing Out Rewards

We have been successful with Evan's potty training. Now, we are trying to phase out his rewards. I tell him over and over again that he doesn't need a chocolate cause he's sooo good at using the potty. He thinks otherwise.

After his first success with number 2, I was so overjoyed, I let him have both his special toy - Bob the Builder Car Wash - as well as a chocolate. After he started going regularly on the potty, I told him he has to choose one reward - he can't have both anymore. Surprisingly, he always chooses the chocolate.

We got some small foil-wrapped chocolates (in the shape of sports balls: soccer, tennis, baseball, football, etc.) from Boehm's that we use for his treat. This can get expensive, so I told him he could only have one ball a day. If he goes more than once a day (which he does, sometimes even 3 or 4 times... ouch!) he has to get the less expensive Hershey Kiss. :)

I'm also trying to get the idea of the reward out of his head. After I go, Evan tells me, "Now you can have a chocolate or play with Bob the Builder dark car wash toy!" I reply, "Momma doesn't need a special treat for going to the potty. It's just something I do. Just like Evan!" But he still insists on getting his treat.

So yesterday I told him about a new rule (going into effect today.) He can have a treat IF he does the whole toileting experience by himself: set up potty, undress, do his thing, WIPE (I think this will be a major hang up for now), flush, wash hands and get dressed. I usually wipe him up and after it's clean, have him practice wiping. He doesn't enjoy it, but he'll have to do it at school. We shall see how today goes.

BTW, countdown to school: 2 days! Countdown to Lil' Babe: About 6 weeks!

Friday, June 13, 2008

The Dreaded Double V's

I was fortunate not to have dealt with varicose veins while pregnant with Evan. This time around - not so lucky.

A couple months ago I noticed my left leg looked 'veiny.' Not horrible, but the veins just looked more prominent than normal. I mentioned this to my OB at the last check up and he suggested wearing maternity panty hose. It would provide light support and that might be all I need cause my case is not too severe - yet! Good thing it's summer and panty hose is the last thing I want to be wearing as it will hopefully start warming up soon. So I'm giving it a try and we shall see. Luckily, my legs are not in pain. It's purely an aesthetic thing for now.

My doctor also mentioned that standing still is the worst thing for circulation. I didn't realize how much I did this until he pointed it out: stuff like washing the dishes, cooking, baking, sewing, getting breakfast and lunch together... geez, do I sounds like Suzie Homemaker or what?! So I'm going to try and get off my feet at every opportunity and give these poor veins a break.

Here's a helpful article I found on Baby Center.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

My Boy is Growing Up

Yesterday I was blown away by something Evan did at breakfast. It was small, but really made me realize my little guy is growing up.

Evan peeled a hard boiled egg while I finished getting breakfast together. When it was time to eat, he had two eggs on his plate and I had the one that he finished peeling. He ate one of his eggs and I started into mine. It tasted weird - the texture was not right - so I made a face and put it down on my plate. He looked up at me and said, "Why Momma not eating the egg?" I told him it tasted funny. It was no good so I wouldn't be eating it. He then said, "Momma want some of Evan's egg?" Awwww! My little sweetie! I told him "Thank you for sharing, but you can eat your egg. I don't need one." He asked me again a little later and wanted to feed me a piece of his egg. How can you resist?

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

The Fireman Hat

Yesterday we had a lovely time at our friends' home with our Mommy group pals. I love these group of ladies and their little ones. I think it's amazing how by chance, we were placed in a class together through Overlake when the babes were 4-8 weeks old and we've continued to remain close over the years. Love it!

So Evan is not obsessed with fire engines, but a few incidents have occurred recently that led to the following conversation. 1 - When we were at the library on Saturday, Evan wanted a book about fire engines. They were not available, so we placed holds on them. 2 - Today the books became available so we went to pick them up at the library. 3 - Evan's buddy, Isaac, has a cool fire engine toy and fireman's hat. Evan got to play with both yesterday at Isaac's house.

Driving home from the library, here's the conversation we had:

Evan - "Evan needs to get a fireman hat. Maybe we'll get one at Target next week."

Momma - "A fireman hat? At Target? Uhhh..."

Evan - "Like the one Isaac has... But not that one. It's too bumpy for Evan. Something like it."

The Latest on the Lil' Girl

Saw our OB today for our 33-week check-up. Lil' Babe is measuring a little small from just my belly. We go for an ultrasound next week to take measurements and check growth. We will learn from this ultrasound if Lil' Babe is in the range of "small, but still normal" or "small and we need to monitor her growth." We had to do this second scenario with Evan, you might recall. We learned around now that I had a "funky" placenta (not sure if that's the technical medical term, but that's what the dr's all called it) so basically he and I were fighting over nutrients. I had to eat and immediately rest after, so that we wouldn't compete for food. Pops fondly remembers me eating these 40 g protein bars, washing it down with milk, and then heading to bed for the night. I am not looking forward to eating those bars again, but you gotta do what you gotta do. :)

So what does this all mean: We won't know anything until next week after the ultrasound. Best case scenario - Lil' Babe is small, but normal (me and Pops are not the biggest people, so it's not surprising that our little one is smaller than average.) Worst case scenario - we'll have to go back every week for an ultrasound to monitor growth, like we did with Evan. As we get closer to our due date, we can determine if she needs to be induced early or not. Mostly likely NOT to happen - they induce in the next few weeks - phew!

An interesting thing I learned today. Doctors feel more comfortable inducing early if the baby is smaller than average, rather than bigger than average. I always thought that if the baby is growing really big, they would induce, but he said they are more comfortable letting a bigger baby stay in their mom past their due date than a smaller baby. But I guess when you think about it, if the babe isn't growing like it should inside, there must be a reason for this and perhaps coming out earlier will give him/her the medical attention he/she needs.

If all is good in the mother-hood, I've requested that I be induced at 39 or 40 weeks. Also, something I didn't know I could do. With Evan's personality, I think it would be so much easier on the little man to know on this day, Momma is going to go to the hospital to have Lil' Babe. He is not one of those kids who would do well with a middle of the night jaunt to Grandma's while we rush off to the hospital. So knowing this is an option, I'm having a little less anxiety.

On another note, if anyone has maternity support hose I could borrow, please let me know. :) Thanks!

Monday, June 9, 2008

Pictures of Evan

Here are a few recent pictures of Evan, the clown.

This is Evan during our weekly Fred Meyer grocery run. He is doing his biggest, fakest, cheesiest smile for the camera.

This is Evan playing at home. He got some "doctor masks" from Grandma and Grandpa, which he loves to put on and pretend with. He also pretends that his shopping cart is a trash truck and he dumps out the trash. So in this get-up, he told me he was the "doctor trash man." To top it all off, he is wearing fins for diving, which came from the Build A Bear diving suit - it's made to fit on his Build
A Bear Monkey, but turns out it fits his feet too. Score!

Here is Evan wearing Pops' shorts. He thought it was so funny to "steal" it from Pops and tromp around the room with them.

Summer Picnic - Rainy Day!

We had our summer pre-school picnic this morning for Evan's "Blue School." This is the one-day-a-week school Evan and I attend together, put on through BCC. And yes, the location is blue, so Evan calls it Blue School.

Unfortunately, the weather was horrible and I wouldn't call this picnic a "success." We met at a park and the kids played as best as they could on the soaking play structure. There was a covered eating area, so we tried to stay dry under there. It was a potluck, broken down by alphabet. I must have been the only A-M family, because I was the only salad. Everyone else was N-Z and there were cookies galore! So, we ended up coming home and scrounging for lunch.

But, Evan had a good time. He loved playing in the rain, splashing in puddles, and keeping his friends dry with his umbrella. We were the first to arrive and he kept asking his teachers, "Where are the rest of my friends?!" It was too cute. He will miss his teachers, whom he is really attached to. I hope that he will have an even better experience when he starts his new school next week!!! I'm so excited! I'm also starting to have some anxiety around it all. But it's 2.5 hours a day, three times a week, lady. Get a grip. :)

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Lil' Babe

A quick update on Lil' Babe. We are 32 weeks along and just under two more months to go. Seems like the pregnancy is going by quickly, but not sure if this will be the longest 2 months of my life as she gets bigger and heavier to carry around. :)

For the last couple months, she has been positioned with her head down, in the farthest "corner" of my uterus on the right side. Her head is practically buried into my hip - that's how low she is. Her feet are at the top of my uterus and I can rub her little foot as she squirms around. I never really thought about this until yesterday, but I think she is much lower than Evan was. Sitting can sometimes be uncomfortable because she is right there in my lap and putting socks on has never been so difficult. With Evan, I think I had heartburn around this time because he was so high. They both have/had gentle movements, though. My kids - so sweet!

We have been going to Siemens to get ultrasound pictures and she continues to be camera-shy. Her face is pressed against the front and she continues to cover her face with one or both hands. So we have been unsuccessful in getting some clear shots of her face. We go back to Obstetrix in a couple weeks to check growth, so maybe they will have more luck. No Dr. Case, though. :( He is booked up, so we'll be seeing another doctor, Dr. Wall - I saw him once with Evan, and he's also extremely nice.

Here's a pic of Lil' Babe from last week. This is a shot of her profile. The top of her head is on the right, her chin is on the left and she is looking up. You can make out her nose and lips.

Here's a video clip of Lil' Babe's heart. Amazing! You can make out the four chambers pumping.

Friday, June 6, 2008

A Present for Evan

We have decided that to help jumpstart the sibling bond between Evan and Lil' Babe, they would get each other presents. Evan got Lil' Babe a crib soother. He has one that he loves, but it's discontinued and we have yet to find a good replacement. His (Fisher Price Birdies) plays music, the birds move, it lights up AND it projects onto the ceiling. I've found similar products, but none with the projection feature. We thought we found something close (Playskool), but it only plays one song and then shuts off. C'mon, what babe will fall asleep in the length of one song? Evan's will repeat the same song three times before shutting itself off. That's a little more realistic. So we will be returning the Playskool version and our search will continue.

While at the toy store, Evan picked out the toy that Lil' Babe will get for him. It's a GeoTrax set with tracks, a truck and a conveyor belt to load boulders. It looks exactly like what the roofers used to get the materials onto our roof, so he's set on this toy. He asked if we could buy it that day, but I told him that Lil' Babe has to go shopping for it.

A few days later, we were in the parking lot at Bellevue Square. He saw a mommy carrying a tiny baby and said, "The momma is carrying their Lil' Babe. Do you think that baby can get Evan his present?"

Our friends had their second child yesterday - Congratulations! I explained to Evan that Uncle, Aunty and Coren had their Lil' Babe and Coren is a big brother, like how Evan will be a big brother. Evan then asked, "Can Coren's Lil' Babe get Evan his present? That would be crazy!" Then he said, "Did Coren's Lil' Babe get Coren a present?" I told him to ask Coren when we see them.

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Tick-Tock, Pops

So Pops has made a bold statement. He said that for my birthday present, we will have a name picked out for Lil' Babe. Okaayyyy, tick-tock, Pops! He's got a few weeks... This will be the best present ever, since we are both ridiculous planners and this name thing has been hanging over our heads ever since we found out we were having a girl. Oh well. Tick-tock, Pops.

Father's Day Gift Ideas

We are squared away with Pops' Father's Day gift. He saw something a few weeks ago in the Macys ad and we got it for him - he's quite pleased with his gift. Now, we need to figure out what to get Grandpa Joe. What do you get someone who has everything? Here are all the ideas Evan came up with on his own:

"Towels... to bocha (bathe)."

"Mushroom... to eat!"

"Another griddle (we got that for him for Christmas... don't think he needs another one yet.)"

"A dog."

"He wants gloves."

Attack of the Auto Flushers

So I don't know what it is, but the last few public bathrooms we've used had auto flushers. After all this time with no auto flushers, every one we go to has it, you know, now that Evan is deathly afraid of them. We encountered them at Factoria Target and Bellevue Square - bathrooms by Pottery Barn Kids. Evan was quite distraught, but I used his shorts to cover the sensor. The lengths we'll go to to get the kid to use the potty.

Monday, June 2, 2008

Our Bathroom Adventure

I love that Evan is potty trained. He's doing great and we're really proud of him. But man, this weekend we had an incident that made me think about how easy diapers are.

We took our friend out to lunch to celebrate his birthday. (Happy Birthday, Uncle Alex!) We went to the new Ram Brewery in Northgate. Evan was in BVDs and has never had a problem using public bathrooms before. He is a little sensitive to loud flushes, but we've never had an "incident". So I was really surprised at his reaction to the restaurant's toilets with the automatic flusher. Pops took him to his bathroom and Evan refused to go. I just assumed it was a guy thing - didn't know this before, but I guess guy bathrooms are notoriously dirtier than girls. So I tried to take Evan and he absolutely freaked out. He had to go, but just flat out refused and started throwing a fit with tears and kicking.

I knew if we didn't go soon, he would have an accident so we went into the mall in search of another bathroom. The nearest restrooms were in Macys and Nordstrom, which are across from each other and really far from the restaurant - we did some power walking. I guessed that Nordys would be cleaner, so we went there. Of course, the bathroom was up on the second level, so we chugged upstairs and made it to the women's lounge. We get into the stall and FRECK, it's the same auto flusher as the Ram. I couldn't believe it. I tried to pretend that I didn't notice, but Evan saw it right away and started crying, but in a crouching position cause he had to go so bad. So I threw my jacket over the sensor and reassured Evan that it would be ok. He got it out, and I can't believe we made it without an accident.

So that was our bathroom adventure. I hope we don't come across more automatic flushers any time soon. This preggo can't keep running around looking for bathrooms.

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Our New Love - Garage Sales

This weekend we had a neighborhood-wide garage sale. Every street you turned down, there was a sale going on. We had a couple on our block alone. So Evan and I would walk to visit the neighbors and check out their wares. On Saturday, Evan scored a Mariner's batting helmet for $2.50. He loved looking at all the stuff that was for sale. He is officially a garage sale junkie.

Today we saw a tv for sale as we drove home. I thought the price tag said $50 and we were debating about getting it for our bedroom (Poki broke it - seriously. This cat is making me crazy.) So towards the end of the day, we went to check it out. Turns out, the price tag actually read $20. Ok, we're totally sold. So Pops got the Radio Flyer wagon and wheeled our purchase home. Excuse me, Evan pulled it home. Poppa held the tv in place and I got to help steer - much to Evan's chagrin. "No Momma help. Evan do by Evan's self." And he pushed my hand off the handle. So tonight we have some big plans - catch up on Grey's Anatomy, which has been recording on the tivo upstairs! Yay for garage sales!