Friday, July 23, 2010

Princess Ellena

Ellena received an edible bouquet from Aunty Kim and company - yum yum! Included was a Princess crown, so of course she had to try it on. Here she is saying, "Ellena Princess" and pointing to herself!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Great Wolf Lodge

We just got back from an overnighter at Great Wolf Lodge, an indoor water park near Olympia, WA... We all had a blast! Thank goodness for Grandma & Grandpa who wrangled four monkeys while the adults got to indulge in the "big kid" slides! We can't wait to go back... thinking a couple years 'til Evan is tall enough to do everything...

Friday, July 9, 2010

Day Out With Thomas 2010

Today we spent the "Day Out With Thomas"... and the kids loved it! This was my and Ellena's first time and we enjoyed ourselves. Between the two kids, Ellena is actually the one who really likes Thomas. She has not seen the shows, but enjoys the books and train sets. Today was a very cool day for her!

Ok, I'm gonna give away a few secrets to make your trip a good experience - thanks Pops for the 'insider info'. We bought tickets for the second train ride, so when Thomas pulled into the station to unload the first ride, we were the first in line to take pictures with Thomas. (This line can get crazy long, since they can't take pics while he is off doing the 25 min. train ride - if you miss the cut, you are stuck waiting!) We then hurried to the back of the line to load up and ride. We got off the train and there were 15 minutes before Sir Topham Hat made his appearance. We hung out in the shade and had a snack while holding our first place in line for this. By the time we got our photo with Sir Topham Hat, the gift shop had cleared out quite a bit... Everything went so smoothly!

The kids each picked out a toy from the gift shop - Evan got a board game and Ellena got a bath toy. They were so excited to play with their loot!