Saturday, October 8, 2011

Fall City Farm

After the Fall Festival, we went to Fall City Farm to get some pumpkins. We were also planning on picking some vegetables from their UPick garden, but found out they're not doing that this year. Very disappointing. :( Evan was looking forward to digging up potatoes and cutting the zucchinis and lettuce.

Fall Festival Animals

The kids enjoyed their time at today's Fall Festival, but one of their highlights was the animal area. They had a bunch of animals available to touch, hold, observe and even adopt. There was a table with snakes, cockroaches and a lizard that the kids were at first leary of, but warmed up to very quickly. Evan loved the snakes.

There were also: pygmy hedgehogs, chinchillas, guinea pigs, rabbits, ferrets and a wallaby! The kids could also sit and have a bunny in their lap. Evan really took to the bunnies and said he wanted to have a bunny. Sorry kiddo, not happening.

Camp Korey Fall Festival

Today we went to Camp Korey's Fall Festival in Carnation and had such a great time! There was a corn maze (Evan and Isabel running in the above pic) and your goal was to find the fire pit within the maze to make smores! Yum! We also got a tractor ride, which Ellena was really looking forward to! Lunch was delicious - pumpkin pancakes and hamburgers!

Karate Belt Testing

Last night Evan had his first belt testing for karate and he did awesome! Such focus, determination and effort! He should be getting his yellow belt next week - exciting times!

We got to sit inside the classroom and Ellena got a little restless, since I was snapping all the pictures of Evan. So she decided to swoop in front of camera as I was aiming at Ev. Stinker!

Grandma and Grandpa were able to watch the testing as well - their first time seeing Evan in action. They were very impressed!

Another Fishing Trip

Last Sunday Evan and Pops were back on the river with Uncle Ring, determined to catch a fish. They went on the boat for a few hours in the morning and Evan came back with 2 pink salmon. (We ate it that night for dinner!) Ellena and I joined them later for lunch and some time on the river and tending to the chickens.