Monday, May 28, 2012

Northwest Trek

On a sunny Saturday, we went down to Northwest Trek - our first time there. It was an hour and a half drive south, but very much worth it! We had a great time! We got there when it opened and jumped on the first tram ride. The tour guide drove us through the animals' home and we saw every animal living there: bison, elk, bighorn sheep, swan, geese, caribou, moose, bald eagle and mountain goats. Some were off in the distance, some were very camouflaged in the trees, and others were right next to the tram! Such a cool experience!

Bison herd with their baby calves

Mr. Moose on the side of the road

They also had a walking tour with animals in naturalistic exhibits: bears, wolves, coyotes, big cats (they were ALL hiding!) and forest animals.

We loved it so much, we bought a year's membership with guest passes. Looking forward to going back!

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Happy Early Birthday, Uncle Alex!

Today Uncle Alex and Aunty Marissa joined us for a yummy dinner of mochiko chicken, char siu ribs and spam musubis (and carrot cake for dessert!) for an early birthday celebration for Uncle.

Ellena was especially outgoing - maybe she's gotten over her shy stage! We shall see if this continues!

Thursday, May 24, 2012

LA Zoo

We went to the LA Zoo and spent a beautiful, sunny day walking around the entire park, enjoying the animals. Of course, Ellena loved the lizard exhibit!

We needed to take a break in the shade for a bit - it was hot!

Tommy and Graig with the kiddos!

Krista, Ellena & Evan

Trip to Cali - Thousand Oaks

We went down to the Thousand Oaks area to spend a long weekend with our friends, the Sakumas. We celebrated Drake's first birthday and really enjoyed our sunny days!