Wednesday, April 30, 2008

April 30 Evanisms

This boy is on a roll with his Evanisms.

* As we were getting ready for nap time, we talked about all the things we did this morning. I told him he needs to rest his body and maybe we'll get a treat after nap time. Side note - yesterday Evan skipped his nap! This is very rare, but without a nap, he turns grouchy/sensitive at dinner time and then has a restless night of sleep, which makes it NO FUN for me! Other side note - I've used this "treat" trick before and I guess Evan is catching on to my ways. So I asked him what he thinks the treat will be. He said, "Not ice cream..." Well, actually yeah, it was going to be ice cream. This stinker! Baskin Robbins has a special tonight starting at 5:00 where you get 31 cent ice cream scoops! Yum! So far, all is quiet in Evan's room, so I guess we'll be getting ice cream! (I'm eating a lot of ice cream and milkshakes this pregnancy. Honestly, I was downing the milkshakes while pregnant with Evan, too. I wouldn't really say that it's the pregnancy that causes this... I think I'm just indulging myself more than when I'm not pregnant. But whatever works. Evan turned out to be quite a sweetie - and he's got quite a sweet tooth too.)

* As I was leaving Evan's room after tucking him in, he asked if he could nap in my bed. I said, "No, this is Evan's room, where Evan sleeps." He replied, "Momma, what your problem?!" I was floored. I couldn't believe those words came out of my sweet little boy's mouth. My jaw dropped and I left the room. He thought it was quite funny.

* The other phrase that Pops is trying to ingrain in Evan is "Cool your jets, Momma." For times when I overreact to things. Evan has only recited this line once without Pops' prompting. Pops was quite tickled. Momma was not amused.

* When Evan is being "naughty" he says "Go away." When he was a little younger he would use this phrase when he was tired, sick, crabby, or grouchy. Now he knows when he's being naughty and taunts us with it. When Uncle Stu says, "Helloooooooo" to Evan, Evan's response was almost always "Go away." Then Uncle would tell him he was being naughty. Evan would reply, "I'm not naughty, I'm nice." (Yes, this kid's got all the answers.) So just a month later, Evan's understanding of naughty and nice has grown tremendously. In response to Uncle's hello, if Evan's naughty, he will say "Go away." If he's nice, he will say, "Hiiiiiiiiiii." When Uncle came home from work, he said hello to Evan. Evan looked at me and then said, "Hiiiiiiiiiii." Then he cracked up and said, "I almost said 'Go away'."

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

April 29 Evanisms

* Tonight I got out the Little Bissell to clean up a Poki hairball. Evan wanted to watch so he started climbing up onto our bed (he feels safe there when the vacuum is on.) I asked if he needed to go potty before we started. He said, "No, I don't have to go shi shi. When I have to go, I'll say, 'Momma, stop vacuuming. I need to go shi shi.'"

* There are baby dolls, blankets and cribs at Monday school which Evan has taken to recently, probably with Lil' Babe in mind. Tonight he flipped over his step stool and asked me to wrap up his monkey friend in a blanket. I swaddled the monkey and Evan carried it around very lovingly. I showed him how to burp the monkey. After story time, Evan placed the swaddled monkey into the upside down stool. It was too precious.

* Evan saw our Halloween costumes from last year hanging in our closets. I asked him what he was going to be this Halloween. He said he wanted to be Mario (from the Nintendo games.) So then I asked what Lil' Babe will be - maybe Toad. He asked what Toad was. I showed him a picture of Toad and told him it was a mushroom. Now, when I ask Evan what we're going to name Lil' Babe, he says, "Mushroom". He does occasionally bring up "Girl" from time to time as well.

The Name Game

We are having a very difficult time deciding on a name for Lil' Babe. I have one name in mind that will flow nicely with our last name. However, it's one of those names that I've liked for a while - the kind where if I ever had a daughter, I'd name her ______. When we were pregnant with Evan, Pops and I would have lazy weekends lounging on the deck in the summer sun and go through the top 100 boy names together and systematically agree or disagree. So this girl name decision is very one-sided. I've gone through 5 or 6 name books to give us more ideas, but all other names have been shot down. The other "downside" is that my pick starts with an E. So does my name and Evan's. Pops would sing to the tune of Farmer in the Dell "The cheese stands alone", "The 'T' stands alone." It was never our/my plan to have all E names, but it may just turn out that way. Poor Pops.

We will also be giving her three middle names like Evan has (Hawaiian, Japanese and Chinese names). So even when we pick out her first name, our work will not be over yet. Tick-tock, Pops! :)

Evan MD - Part Deux

Today Evan was on the futon and called me over, "Momma, come. Let's check on Lil' Babe."

I lied down and he went through his ultrasound scan, complete with heartbeat sound effects. Then he went to get more "lotion" and brought me a book - "for me to read while he fixes me up."

After finishing the "scan" he looks at me all serious and says, "Do you have any questions? About Lil' Babe? About your pictures?" It was so cute and exactly what the ultrasound docs/techs and Dr. Haines says after we're done with our appointments. I'm always amazed at the things he picks up on.

Monday, April 28, 2008

Evan MD

Evan enjoys pretending to be both a doctor and a patient. To get "fixed up" we need to lie on the couch and he will ask what hurts. Then he will examine you and make you all better. It's really cute. He fixes knees, feet, bellies, elbows and does some dental work as well. Then we get to be the doctor and fix Evan up, too.

The other day I found Pops lying on the couch and Evan was leaning over him. He was giving Pops an ultrasound to see Lil' Babe. It was hilarious. He even got a toy and pretended to squirt the lotion-gel on Pops's belly. Today Evan did this with me. Except this time we were just listening for Lil' Babe's heartbeat (which we do at every check up with Dr. Haines.) He squirted the lotion on my belly and then placed a toy on top to listen. Then he said, "whump whump whump whump" which is what her heartbeat really sounds like.

Evan also understands that ambulances take people to the hospital. He has a fire engine ride-on that he pretends is an ambulance. He told Pops, "I'm going to drive you to the hospital in my ambulance..." He climbed onto the "ambulance" and then stopped abruptly. Then he mumbled to himself, "First I'm gonna go eat some popcorn. Then I'll drive you to the hospital." I love his priorities!

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Sheep Shearing

Yesterday we went to Kelsey Creek Park in Bellevue for their annual sheep shearing event. It was our first time and Evan thought it was very cool. He enjoyed seeing the sheep "get haircuts."



Friday, April 25, 2008

The Master Staller

At night Evan turns into the Master Staller to delay bedtime. Here are all the wonderful tactics he's used in the past:

* "One more hug." This one still occurs, but not so bad. Cause I don't let it get out of hand (any more.) Some nights, he stalled for 15 minutes just to get "one last hug" which was really his twentieth last hug. So I laid down the law and told him he gets two last hugs. One hug to say good night. Then I reset his birdies which plays a lullaby song and go back and give his "for real" last hug. Some nights he still asks for another last hug, but I stay strong. I tell him, "No, you got your last hug. Good night. I love you." I do give him a kiss, but no more hugs! That usually is enough and I walk out saying "I love you" even if I'm refusing to hug him.

* "I don't want this friend in bed!" Seriously, he would call out for me and insist that I come in to take his stuffed animal friend away. The last time he did this, I told him he doesn't need me for this and he can do it himself. He then got to "practice" throwing his friend on the ground by himself. We have not had a friend incident since. But strangely enough, I haven't found any friends on the ground either.

* A booger. Yeah, this guy is creative. He calls out, "Momma, I have a booger on my finger!" and he wants me to take it off. I'm having him wipe it on his PJs or sheets so that I don't have to help him anymore.

* "I want to see the trash man and then I'll go back to sleep." This happened at nap time. He could hear the garbage truck coming down the street and insisted on seeing the truck. The next day, he heard large cars driving by and an airplane flying overhead. He insisted it was the garbage man and he wanted to see him.

* Wow, what are the chances that as I post this, Evan brings out a whole new stall tactic?! I told Evan that we had a busy morning and it's time to rest so that we can do something special when he wakes up. After a few minutes he started calling out for me. I go in and he starts asking me what kind of ice cream I'm going to order from the ice cream lady (we're planning a trip to Cold Stone tomorrow.) What he doesn't know is that today's special treat is washing the car! I didn't tell him this yet, cause it's so extra special to him, I don't think I could get him to fall asleep. :)

Thursday, April 24, 2008

"Who Is That?"

This morning I was changing Evan's diaper. He was lying down and all of a sudden, his face turned really serious. He asked me, "Who is that?"

Just as I was going to ask him who he was talking about, he let out a big toot. He started cracking up, thinking he just made the biggest joke. We had a good laugh with that one.

Monday, April 21, 2008

Lil' Babe

Today we went in for another ultrasound. This one, non-medical. It's always fun to see Lil' Babe and I feel like some of her personality is already coming through. During the last ultrasound at 21 weeks, Lil' Babe would constantly turn away from the "camera" and hide her face. Today she found a comfy spot on my right side and covered her face with her hands. Could this be a shy, bashful child? Or perhaps a strong-willed child? We tried everything to get her to move her hands, but she was having none of it. We also witnessed MANY yawns! It was so funny. They were great big yawns that Evan does occasionally, and our cats do constantly. You know what I'm talking about. Oh, and we confirmed that we are indeed having a girl. I trust our ultrasound doctor, but it's always nice to have some reassurance. I feel like I can cut the tags off the pink clothes we've been buying for her. :)

Here's one of the better pics of Lil' Babe. I'm going to try and go back in a few weeks and see if she'll show us more of her lovely face.

You can make out her eyes, nose, lips, chin and her mouth is a little open.

Oh, and when you ask Evan what we should name Lil' Babe, he says, "Girl." :)

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Bandit Slam-It!

One of the newest Backyardigans episodes is about ping pong. Pablo does the "Bandit Slam-It" with a wicked spin on the ball. Evan thinks it's so cool and has been asking to play ping pong. Pops just got a ping pong table at work, so we finally got to go in this morning. We didn't think his interest would last very long, but we were wrong! He had a great time!

Snow! In April!

This has got to be the wackiest weather ever. We woke up to a dumping of snow yesterday and this morning. Evan got to throw a few snowballs, but still not enough on the ground for snow angels.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

First Trip to the Dentist

Today was Evan's first trip to the dentist and all went well! A few weeks ago we toured the local pediatric dentists so that Evan could tell me if there were any that he absolutely did not like (which he did for one of the schools we toured). He ended up liking all of them, so I went with the one that is closest to us and also recommended by our pediatrician. I'm very happy with our choice! We saw Dr. Aka with Plateau Dentistry for Children. The technician was great in explaining everything to Evan and letting him know what she was doing (and she was fast when she needed to be!) I think some of his favorite things were squirting water, having "Mr. Thirsty" suck out water from his mouth, and "painting" fluoride on his teeth. He was less keen on "Mr. Tickles," but we were able to get through his whole mouth anyway. I am pleasantly surprised that they were able to do everything they needed to do and without any crying, screaming or tears from Evan. After leaving the dentist, Evan was very enthusiastic about how much fun he had there, the cool ninja toy prize he earned and going back in October. Yay!

Mr. Tickles in action

Just flossin'

The death grip
(but really, he did great! We're so proud of him!)

Wednesday, April 16, 2008


Monday night when Evan had the fever, he woke up really upset. Not only was the fever back, but I think he had a very vivid dream. He was completely alert and said, "Momma, there's a tiger! A tiger is in my bed!" He pointed towards his pillow, which has robots in a stripey design, but nothing like a tiger. I reassured him that there was no tiger and that he was ok. We had a horrible rest of night, I think partly from the fever and also from his fear.

After being up for about 2 1/2 hours in the middle of the night and trying to get him to go to sleep in his own bed, I finally caved and did something I've never done before. I brought him to our bed. What an experience. Pops almost rolled onto him, cause he didn't know Evan was there. Evan was a little restless from this new experience. I had the hardest time falling asleep with the little monkey next to me. He even pulled a Piko move - when I left the bed to pee, he took my spot! And I had TWO snore-y monkeys to deal with! And this was pretty funny/cute - Evan talks in his sleep. And now that he has such a good vocabulary, it's funny to hear what he has to say. At one point he said, "I have chocolate cookies. That would be crazy!"

He had a hard time dealing with being back in his bed last night, but we got through it. Kind of unreal, but we haven't set up a night light for Evan. But he continues to talk about the tiger, so in the middle of the night last night I put in a night light - Thanks Aunty Kay for sending one! He seems very content to have the extra light. We shall see how tonight goes.

I try to acknowledge his fears, but I don't want to get too carried away with them either, and make him MORE afraid of things. So we're trying to find a good balance. I tell him that it's a pretend dream and it's not real. But I also go with him to check for tigers in his bed and name all his stuffed animal friends that are really there.

Not Baseball Fever, Just a Fever

Monday night Evan came down with a fever. It hit him out of nowhere and there were no other cold symptoms. Motrin usually does the trick, but he woke up in the middle of the night and he was completely burning up. We dosed him again Tuesday morning after a horrible night of sleep. He really perked up and it was as if he was healed! But he came crashing down after 3 hours and his fever jumped back up to 105. He was completely listless. After seeking advice from the nurse, we went to see the doctor and she warned that the bug going around was a fever-diarrhea combo. Lovely! And wouldn't you know it, we got home and the the diarrhea hit. Late that evening, Evan's fever broke and this morning he was in the best mood. You would have never guessed he was lying helpless on the couch the other day. This was totally one of those 24-hour bugs you hear about. Hopefully he is completely over this, cause it was so horrible (for all of us!) And we were lucky, cause Dr. warned that the fever could last 3 days and the di-di last 5 days. Ouch!

Monday, April 14, 2008

Costco Photo Book Deal!

I'm no scrapbooker - just not creative enough! But I do love to make photo books. Just wanted to let you know that Costco is running one of their great specials right now through the first part of June. They are partnered with My Publisher and the books always turn out fab-o. I try to make two books a year to send to Evan's grandparents and great grandparents to show them what Evan has been up to... and in our Christmas book, what Lil' Babe is up to!! Pretty crazy to think about.

Blueberry Monster... or Goth Kid?

One of Evan's favorite snacks is blueberries. He could eat a whole container in one sitting. Grandma Madeline brought over blueberries and Evan gobbled them up. When she left, Evan asked her to bring more blueberries the next time. When she came over again, he asked for his blueberries. Too bad they are not in season anymore. So she said, "Sorry Evan, I couldn't find the blueberries."

On our last grocery shopping trip, I took Evan with me to get frozen blueberries. I said, "C'mon Evan. Let's go find your blueberries." He replied, "Grandma Madeline couldn't find it." I picked out a bag from the freezer and gave it to Evan to carry. He looked at me and said, "Silly Grandma!"

Today we opened the frozen blueberries and man, they are such a mess! Here's Evan in all of his blueberry glory.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Baseball Fever

It was JJ Putz soul patch give-away night. Too funny.

Like I mentioned last night, Evan had so much fun at the baseball game. He keeps asking to go back. We totally lucked out with the weather and will try to go to at least one more game - maybe this summer.

Here are some of the things that made the experience so great:

* Seats. We sat in the center field bleachers and those seats are awesome. Each seat costs $14 and the view is fantastic. We also were in the 4th row, on the aisle, so we didn't have to travel up or down within the bleachers to get to the bathroom, etc. Pops and I used to shell out big bucks for seats behind home plate, along the 1st base line, and in the Avaya Terrace Club. Home plate was great but mucho buck-o's, we didn't like 1st base, cause you would have to look sideways to see the batter and your view depended on how everyone along your row was sitting, and once in Avaya, we looked over one section and the bleachers were right there for a third of the price. For us, these are the choicest seats in the park!

* Food. Tucked away next to the Children's play area there is a food window with the best food deal in the park. The kid's meal includes either a PB&J or hot dog, either a soft pretzel or cracker jacks, and soda or milk all for $5 - and it comes in a cool Mariner Moose bucket! Pops said he saw the cracker jacks being sold at other vendors for $3.75 alone! Pops ate his usual Kid Valley burger and garlic fries and I went with Thai Ginger's pad thai and garlic beef combo - Evan had lots of good stuff to choose from!

* Moose picture. Near the same play area and food window (can't remember if they called it the Moose den or something), they had the Mariner Moose available for pictures before the game (as well as certain innings during the game.) Evan got to take a picture with the Moose (he was probably having flashbacks to Disneyland!) and the pleasant surprises? We got to use our own camera, and they took a pic of their own and printed it out for you FOR FREE! Thanks WAMU!

* 6:10 PM start time. This was perfect for us. Evan got to take his usual nap, wake up around 4, get ready for the game, and then be at the park by 5. We stayed longer than expected cause Evan was having such a good time, so we watched through the 7th inning - Evan got to experience the 7th inning stretch and sing along to his favorite song!

* Weather. I would have never guessed we would have been blessed with such fluke-y weather when I bought the tickets a month ago. Not sure what the official temp was in Seattle (mid 70s? 80?), but it was HOT! Just glad we didn't have to deal with rain!

* Clearance rack! Evan has outgrown a lot of his hats, so we decided we would get him a Mariners baseball cap at the field. They have a store just for kid's stuff, Kids Clubhouse. Evan found a cap he liked, but while standing in line, I spotted the clearance rack. We found another hat that fit him well and he approved of the design - for a third of the price of the first choice. He was totally fine getting the hat on sale.

* Trains! Evan was totally enamored by the trains that would pass by the field. When he heard the train whistle, he would grab one of us and make a dash for the stairs, where you could see the train chugging by. I never realized there were so many trains going by. When asked what his favorite part of the game was, Evan said it was the trains.

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Go Mariners!

Tonight we took Evan to his first baseball game. He had a blast! We put him down a little while ago and I'm pooped, so I will blog about our experience later. But I did want to get some pics up real quick.

Issy Farmer's Market

The Issaquah Farmer's Market has re-opened! We loved taking Evan last year to pick up sweet, fresh, inexpensive produce and other goodies. Today was opening day and we checked it out. We found not as many vendors and limited choices in produce - nothing's really in season except kale... we saw lots of kale. But we did get a yummy strudel (prices for strudel went up!) and Evan easily ate over half of it. We also got some treats to support the ACS Relay for Life. With the sun shining, it was a lovely morning, even if we struck out on the produce.

Check out Evan's powdered sugar mustache!

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Chicken Fingers!

Pops came up with a silly saying to get Evan to really smile for the camera... "Chicken Fingers!" And it works! "Cheese" was just not doing it for Evan. He would say it, but not smile. So here is our new trick in action... Chicken Fingers!

Eating Ice Cream

We went out for our special treat the other day. And what a nice treat it was! We ran into our friends, Amy and Isaac. I don't know if there's anything cuter than two buddies eating ice cream together.

Feeding the Ducks

Today was one of those rare days that we didn't have somewhere we needed to be, nor any pressing errands. I asked Evan what he would like to do. His reply was feed the ducks. So after a quick run to Target, we stopped at the nearby pond and fed the ducks. I got some great action shots - check out his form!

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Sneaky Pete

Pops and I came up with a little saying: "Sneaky Pete." It doesn't mean much more than when we do something a little sneaky. Evan, of course, picked up on this. When he sneaks food off our plate, he giggles and says, "sneaky Pete!"

Last night I called Evan out on being a sneaky Pete. Before Pops came home from work, we ate some jello. After dinner (which is too close to bedtime for a sugar fix) Evan snuck into the fridge and brought out the jello. I told him, "No, Evan. You already had two pieces of jello. You may have some tomorrow." Evan continues to bring out the bag and tells me, "I'm getting one for Poppa." Thoughtful little dude, right? So he hands one to Poppa and then he sticks his hand back in the bag and WHISPERS "And one for Evan!" I looked at him and yelled, "Sneaky Pete!" We started cracking up and he dropped the jello back in the bag. We put it away and wouldn't you know it - he woke up this morning and asked for his jello.

A Special Treat

Last night I had a vivid dream about getting ice cream at a Coldstone-esque type of place. So of course, I woke up wanting it! After a two week sick-out from the gym, we went back yesterday and I am feeling that lovely stiff feeling in my arms - I really do love that feeling, not being sarcastic here for once. So I figure I can treat myself and Evan to some ice cream.

I mentioned to Evan that we would get a special treat after his nap. Hey, whatever it takes to get him to nap! Most days he's fine going down on his own, but other days it takes a little nudge in the right direction. I think once I promised him a juice box, fruit chews, Backyardigans on tv AND popcorn, just for taking his nap. :)

So Evan started asking me "What kind of special treat". And it was really funny to hear all the things that he listed: maybe chocolate... maybe a granola bar! And then he tried to play a guessing game with me that I totally got a kick out of. "Does it have napkins?" Yup, it's got napkins. "Hmmm, so a special treat with napkins..." Too funny.

Email to His Bud

Evan missed seeing one of his friends today because she was sick. He kept asking to see her and so I asked if he wanted to send her an email to let her know he was thinking about her. This is what he came up with all by himself:

Dear Addie,

Get me food! I missed playing with you today. I want to wash dishes with you. And eat with Addie. And go outside with Addie. And play bubbles with Addie. I want my Momma to drive the car with Addie. Let's play baseball as a team with Addie.

Feel better.


Here's a pic I dug up from way back in May '06. I believe they were about 7 months old.

Here's a pic that always brings a smile to my face. This was taken at our summer BBQ with the Mommy group - August '07. Evan wanted to feed Addie some banana and Addie was more than willing to eat it!


Evan knows that a pirate says, "Arrrrrrr...." but one day he said the most random thing. He was eating blueberries and he said, "Blueberries! Arrrrrrr!" I asked what he meant. He said, "These are PIRATE blueberries! Arrrrrrr!"

Monday, April 7, 2008

"So Momma Doesn't Fall In..."

This morning I gave a yelp as I lost my balance in the bathroom. Evan came running in to check on me. He then asked, "Can Momma fall in the toilet?"

I replied, "I guess I could, if I don't pay attention."

So the last few times I went to the bathroom, Evan came with me. When I sit down, he faces me, places his hands on my knees and says, "I'm holding on to Momma so she doesn't fall in the toilet."

Saturday, April 5, 2008

Big Plans for Lil' Babe

Here are more things Evan has told me he will do with Lil' Babe - big plans!

* "I'm gonna turn on the water for Lil' Babe's bath and help get her clean. Then I'll help take her out of the tub."

* "I'm going to eat pretzels with her... And popcorn and kaki mochi after we have our naps!"

* "Lil' Babe can watch me play with my Lego pieces!" (I like how he made the distinction that she can WATCH, and not that she was going to PLAY with them.)

* "I'm going to put diaper cream on her."

One time I asked what Lil' Babe is going to say. I expected Evan to do his usual, "Ehhhh, ehhhh, ehhhh." But instead, he said in a little whiny voice, "'I want my Momma!'"

My Boys

Evan thought it was sooo cool to dress almost exactly like Pops. Here are my two boys (on like, the 10th try at getting both to smile!)

Friday, April 4, 2008

Manners... Or Something Like It

We have a book about manners that we read to Evan. Things like "You burped... What do you say? Excuse me!" There's one that goes, "Daddy asks if you would like a special treat. What do you say?" Instead of "Yes, please!" Evan replied, "Can you open it?"

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Mr. Independent

Last week it was like a switch was flipped inside of Evan and he wanted to be so independent. In everything he did, he would tell me, "Evan do. No Momma help" and he would move my hand away. So here are all the wonderfully grown-up things Evan showed us he could do on his own:

* He attempted to put on his own socks. He got one on. The other made him extremely frustrated and he finally accepted help from Pops.

* Use the potty. He was standing on his stool and said he needed privacy. So I left him and hoped he would have good aim. I overheard him pee, put down the seat (what a good boy!), climb up on the stool and wash his hands, wipe his hands on the towel, and turn off the lights.
He said, "I don't need privacy anymore. I made shi shi!"

* Dress himself. After the privacy incident, he came out and then started putting his BVDs and pants on. Wow! We were amazed! He had the biggest smile on his face and looked so proud of his accomplishments!

* Read his books. We usually read two books to Evan before nap and bedtime. Now, Evan chooses to read books to us. It's so funny, but also pretty amazing to see the memory on this kid!

April 3 Evanisms

Happy April! Just four short (ha!) months til the arrival of Lil' Babe!

Now, to the Evanisms...

* A potty book we have been reading starts off with the line, "When you get that funny feeling..." So now, instead of Evan running to me saying, "Momma, shi shi! Momma, shi shi!" He comes up and says, "I have that funny feeling..." It's too funny. At other times I ask him if he has to go, and he says, "No, I don't have that funny feeling..."

* "That's the good deal." This is Evan's favorite new phrase. Some examples of this funny little phrase in action:

- "Evan get juice box after I take a nap. That's the good deal."

- "I'll go put these colors away and get a new color for Momma and a new color for Evan. That's the good deal!"

- (Normal bath time routine - Momma showers by herself while Poppa bathes Evan.) "Momma bathe Evan and Poppa bathe in Poppa's shower. That's the good deal."

* As we were running errands today, Evan started talking about how hungry he was. I told him we had one more quick stop and then we would head home to eat lunch. He responded with, "Momma pick up lunch for Evan. Evan want it soooo badly!" I asked, "What do you want soooo badly?" He quickly replied, "McDonalds! Or Jack in the Box!" What a goof! This one really does have ALL the answers!

* "That would be CRAZY!" This is slowly becoming his favorite phrase.

- "I going shi shi in my BVDs... that would be crazy!"

- "I going feed the ducks... at Target! That would be crazy!"

- "I drink all my water and then get more. That would be crazy!"

* "I just pretending."

- Evan was being grouchy tonight so we had a talk about his grouchiness. His response: "I just pretending."

- Evan pulled a diaper wipe out and started wiping himself. I asked him what he was doing. He said, "I pooped and I'm cleaning my butthole... I just pretending."