Friday, September 30, 2011

Rustic Apple Pie

Today Ellena and I got to visit Evan's Kindergarten class - what a treat! We helped the children make "Rustic Apple Pie". We'll be baking it tonight for dessert!

River Time

Thanks to Uncle Ring and Aunty Jane, we have been spending lots of time on the river. Evan is learning how to fish from Uncle Ring and is loving it. He can cast on his own and has hooked a salmon and a trout. So far, he's the only one to catch anything out of the river! He hopes to catch something that we can cook and not just release back to the river. :) Ellena enjoys walking along the riverbank and looking for special rocks.

Here's the salmon Evan caught - huge!

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Big Day for Evan

Evan had a momentous day on Tuesday, Sept. 27. He lost his first tooth! It had been wiggling for quite some time and after going out for a sweet treat, he played with his tooth a little and showed me how it was barely hanging on. On our drive home, he said, "Mom, you are not going to believe this." "Did your tooth fall out?" "Yeah, and it's bleeding all over." So on our drive home, I'm passing kleenex to the backseat and by the time we get home (5 minutes max), the bleeding has stopped. He has mentioned that he hoped the tooth fairy would bring him a penny, so we gave him $5 and a penny. He woke up excited the next day and asked what I used to get from the tooth fairy. When I told him a quarter, he said, "When am I going to get a quarter?!" Uh, hello, you have $5!

The other big thing that happened that day was after school, Evan exclaimed with a big smile on his face, "Mom! I have a girlfriend!" Huh? He has never talked about girlfriends or anything like this before so I was a little floored. He said he played soccer with the boys and a little bit of tag with his girlfriend at recess. He couldn't remember her name, but recognized her when she walked out of school. When I asked him what having a girlfriend means he said, "Well, she's a girl and she's my friend." Ah, makes sense. But the way he talks about her with a smile on his face and a twinkle in his eyes makes me think there might be a little something more there. :) You can be sure he doesn't talk about his buddies the same way!

Happy Anniversary, Grandma & Grandpa!

We went out to dinner to celebrate Grandma and Grandpa's wedding anniversary. We tried the new WildFin restaurant in Issaquah - food was ok/pretty good and there were a few kinks that still need to be worked out (they were only open for a few days).

Evan's Soccer

Evan has a few more weeks remaining in his soccer program. Soccer took a break in the summertime, when he picked up swim and karate lessons. Evan has since decided that swim and karate were much more fun and declared he doesn't like soccer. He missed the last couple weeks due to rainy weather and getting over an ear infection, and I'm sure he was not put out to miss soccer practice. But he sure looks adorable in his uniform!

Ellena & Her Cats

Ellena has become very attached to Piko and Poki... well, more Piko than Poki. The kids hold a grudge against Poki because she takes their stuffed animals, carries them around in her mouth and licks them as if the furry friends were her babes. Piko went through a medical scare (end result - detached retina and lost vision in his right eye, confirmed hyperthyroidism, high blood pressure and low potassium = 2 transdermal meds that we rub into his ears and potassium chew treats; thankfully he is doing well on the meds and even gaining some weight!) and Ellena made sure to check on Piko throughout the day. He now tolerates her snuggles and makes it a point to visit her during our bedtime tuck-in.

This picture cracks me up because Piko is in the middle of begging for food. He gets very vocal when he thinks it's time for mid-afternoon snacks. He paces around the kitchen and meows and I happened to catch him mid-meow.

Ellena & Poki


Ellena and Evan had a couple months of karate classes through a Living Social deal. They both really enjoyed it. However, Ellena was not quite ready to take the classes on her own. I sat in the classroom and sometimes held her hand when she needed a little boost of support. Evan loved it and asked to continue even after the deal was over. We moved him up to the next level of classes (5-6 year olds) and they continue to challenge him every week. He has his first belt "testing" next week, to move up to a yellow belt. I'm probably more anxious about it than Evan, but know that he will do great!

Friday, September 9, 2011

Evanism & Ellena-antic

Last night's Evanism - We went out to get a frozen yogurt treat. The sun had set and Evan was so stoked. I guess he does not go out of the house at night... EVER. He could not stop looking around at how different the world is in the dark. "Wow, I can see the MOON!" "There are lights everywhere! It looks like Christmas!" "Will the stars come out later?"

Today's Ellena-antic - We were filling up gas and I told Ellena to look at the car pulling out. I told her it was a fancy car. It zoomed off and even when idling, it was super loud. I told Ellena that car is called a Maserati. She then asked, "Is that going to be my car?"

Today's "Wag of the Finger" for Momma - I dropped the kids off at school and drove into Bellevue and back, in time to get Ellena. On my way back, it dawned on me - I can't use the carpool lane anymore! Good thing the tint is dark and I didn't get pulled over! I'm just so used to using the carpool lane - "Give me a break, Mr. Officer! I've been using this lane for 6 years!" Oops. Will have to remember this for next time.

Evan turned in his first homework assignment this week - it included pictures about himself and his favorite things. We needed to get a family picture, so we set the timer on the camera and got a good one of the four of us. I've posted one of the six of us (furry friends included).

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Ellena's First Day of School

Today is Ellena's first day of school - she attended summer school with Evan, but today is her first day without big brother in the class. She's such a clown.

This is probably a pretty accurate picture of what Ellena was feeling as we waited in the drop off line. A little sad, scared and nervous.

Drop off went pretty smoothly. Mrs. Robertson, although not one of Ellena's teachers, is still familiar to Ellena because she walked Evan into school many times over the last three years. Like a pro, she swooped in, unbuckled Ellena and helped her out of the car. They went to unload another student and then walked into school together. No tears, no fussing. I think Ellena was a little surprised with how fast it all went down. Pops is patting himself on the back since he believes it's his presence today that kept the tears at bay.