Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Jan. 29 Evanisms

* I read Evan the story about the Gingerbread Man. At the end, after the sly fox gobbles up the Gingerbread Man (sorry if I just ruined the ending for you), Evan asked me, "Where did the Gingerbread Man go?" I said, "The fox ate him up!" After it sunk in, he looked at me with a disgusted look on his face and said, "That's gross!"

* Before nap time, Evan was wearing shorts and no shirt. He got his shirt a little wet so we were letting it dry out a little more before he went to sleep. As he was climbing up to his chair to read stories, he changed his mind and came off the chair. He said, "I need Evan's shirt. I naked."

Muscle Maaaaann!

Evan saw a little bit of "World's Strongest Man" on tv and was instantly hooked. He thought they were so cool. When "American Gladiators" started, we thought this was a show he would also like. Boy, did he ever! He looks forward to Tuesdays (we tivo it and watch it the next night after dinner.) He wakes up asking for "Muscle Man" and continues to ask for it all day. Throughout the week, he puts toilet paper rolls on his hands and "attacks" us like the Gladiators. As in the competition, the referee always asks if the contenders and Gladiators are ready before he blows the whistle, so Evan always asks us, "Are you ready?" If we say "Yes", then he starts boom boom booming us. It's quite a site. If we say "No", then he just continues to ask us over and over until we say yes. :)

Now, whenever he carries anything even a little heavy, he says, "Muscle Maaaaaannn!" When we ask him to show us his muscles, he flexes so hard, his body starts to shake. And now he's started
making a really intense face when he flexes. Here is the "photographical evidence" (loved the movie "Evolution").

Making Juice

For about the last month, Evan got a hold of our juice-making pitcher and pretended to make different kinds of juice. He would drop in his plastic fruits and veggies, put the cover on, and then use the stirring stick to mix it up. It then became a way to transport a variety of toys, including his cars, tools, and dinos.

Yesterday I took it back, gave it a good wash, and had Evan help me make some real juice. He loves stirring it. Of course, he needed to sample the finished product. He said, "Mmmm, yummy!" But today, he had a little with breakfast and said, "Not very good."

Friday, January 25, 2008

Lil' Ronaldinho

We (read, Poppa) got Evan a Brazil soccer uniform (read, Brasil futbol uniform) and he's been wanting to wear it every day. Today was soccer class, so he got to finally wear the full uniform, including socks, which come up to his thighs. He was quite stylin' and got many compliments.

One of the other mommies thought it was so funny, cause she said her son has the exact same shirt and almost wore it today. She asked where we got it from. I told her a soccer store in Factoria. She said she got hers from a Brazilian market and it's exactly the same. Not sure I want to know who paid more for theirs! But at least Evan loves it and can't get enough of it for the time being. And it's a little big so lots of room to grow.

After class we were headed to our car. Evan jumped off a big rock and got jumping fever. He continued hopping through the parking lot. I told him to stop since we were in the middle of the road. We were almost to the car when he did one last jump and ended up skinning his knee. Poor guy was in so much pain. We cleaned the scrapes and put on medicine and 2 bandaids - Backyardigans bandaids, of course. Evan hobbled to the couch and I took this pic of him. It looks like the life is just drained from his eyes. He's doing much better now, though, thank goodness.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Jan. 24 Evanisms

* Evan took out a roll of wrapping paper and pretended it was a watering hose, complete with sound effects! He said, "Evan working hard... Watch out, Momma. Evan washing all the junk away. Psshhhhhhh."

* The above pictures are from Evan's afternoon adventure. The infamous watering hose wrapping paper roll came out again. He lined up all of his balls and said that he was washing the balls. "Psshhhhhhh." Then he touched a ball and said, "Ooh, water so cold! Need jacket!" After he got his jacket, he took each ball to the heat vent to "dry them off." I am constantly amazed by his imagination and love seeing him work through situations.

* On Tuesday we made arrangements to visit a friend today. Heidi just gave birth to their "Number 2", William, so we'll be taking them some dinner. I told Evan we'll go visit his buddy, Jack, and meet Jack's little brother on Thursday. The first thing he said when he woke up Wednesday was, "Momma, where are you? Evan go to Jack's house." Sorry, kiddo, that's Thursday. Today, the big day, he woke up saying the same thing. Sorry, kiddo, we're not ready to go to Jack's house yet. We need to eat breakfast and change clothes. When we were done changing clothes, Evan ran from the room yelling, "Everybody go to Jack's house! Everybody ready! Hurry up!"

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Evan on You Tube

Here are some video clips of the little man on You Tube.

Evan's Announcement

Evan and Pluto

Evan and His Books

Evan's Animal Sounds


Evan loves playing soccer. I've been very impressed with this session of Lil' Kickers. He loves his coach, Coach Andrew, and looks forward to his Friday classes. He received a uniform and sweatshirt that he loves to wear every day of the week. It took a few weeks for some of the concepts to sink in, but Evan is doing great. He tells me, "No hands" and is getting better and better about using his feet to kick the ball around, rather than carry the ball up to the net and giving it a little tap in. His favorite activities are: building cone towers and using a ball to kick them down (he reenacts this at home), taking "ice cream cones" to feed Henry the Hippo (a ball balanced on a cone), walking backwards during warm up and putting on his "tornado shoes" and kicking all the cones down.

Thursday, January 17, 2008

E - I - E - I - O

Today Evan and I had lunch at a little cafe by Target. We did a Gymboree make-up class and Target run and decided to try a new restaurant out for lunch. We were surprised to find the place packed at 11:00. We took a seat at the counter and moved to a table a few minutes later.

During our meal, one of the other patrons kept doing this low cough/clearing their throat thing. I assumed it was the elderly woman in the wheelchair with the oxygen tank strapped to the back of it. Whenever Evan heard it, he said, "What that, Momma?" I told him someone was coughing. Come to find out, it was this 30-something woman who was getting over a cold. At one point, Evan copied it by doing a low growl. It was pretty funny.

An elderly man came in later and took a seat at the counter. He was wearing a cowboy hat and flannel shirt and Evan exclaimed, "Old MacDonald!" We had a good laugh at that one.

Monday, January 14, 2008

Where's Pablo?

Evan's favorite tv show is the Backyardigans. He wakes up from his afternoon nap, sometimes in a very grouchy mood, and the only thing that helps him acclimate is watching the Backyardigans. So besides watching it on tv, we have various Backyardigans toys around the house, in the bath tub and now, we even have dishware for Evan to eat off of. Today he was drinking milk out of his new Backyardigans cup. We spun the cup around and he named all of the characters - "There's Tasha, there's Uniqua, there's Tyrone, there's Austin." Then I told him, "Evan, Pablo isn't in the picture! Where is he?"

Here are all the responses I got from Evan:

"He's in the other room."

"He's at the restaurant getting dinner."

"Inside the cup."

"Up on the roof in the rain."

"He is in the trash can."

Thursday, January 10, 2008

A "Like Mother, Like Son" First!

From the day Evan was born, he's looked exactly like his Poppa. So it took just 2 years and 2 months for our first "Like Mother, Like Son" moment. I was so proud. :)

Evan was walking around the house with a baggie of trail mix. I'm not sure if he purposely poured it out or it was an accident, but I hear things falling on the hardwoods and then an "Uh oh." I check on him and find him picking up the fallen nuts using the baggie as a glove. It was quite a funny sight. I thought it was a little random, but then wondered if perhaps he'd seen me do the same thing. I have this weird thing about touching raw meat, so I always use a baggie on my hand to prepare food. Could he have really seen me do it and was copying me now? Whatever, I'll take it! These mother-son instances are quite rare!

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Jan. 9 Evanisms

With Evan recovering from a cold and not sleeping very well, we've all been a little cranky and not feeling the best. However, there have been a couple Evanisms over the last few days.

*He was playing with his sled in the family room. He knows it's used when it snows, but we've never had enough snow on the ground to actually go out and use it. So sometimes he gets it confused with snowboarding and calls it that instead of a sled. We were hanging out and Evan was talking to our cat, Poki. "Poki, come inside and go snowboarding... Come on Poki... Go snowboarding with Evan." Then he attempted to pick her up and lift her into the sled. It was just too much.

*We went for a walk around the neighborhood today. We got bundled up and I put a cream colored scarf around Evan's neck. We were walking and he started talking about his jacket, mittens, hat and scarf. He said, "Evan has a scarf... like Santa Claus!" I said, "No, Evan, Santa has a beard, not a scarf! But it does look like a scarf."

Monday, January 7, 2008

1st Emergency Room Visit

Evan caught a cold last Friday and he had a runny nose and a cough - no fever. Saturday and Sunday were a little rocky, but once the Motrin kicked in, he was in pretty good spirits. Last night, however, we had a rough time. After going down at his normal time, he woke up a couple hours later. I went to check on him and he seemed ok. He didn't have a runny nose nor was he in a big drool puddle (which is usually the cause for him waking at night), so I told him to go back to sleep and he lied back down, like he usually does. But then he started moaning, "Momma, where are you?" and "Done ne-ne" (what we call 'sleep') over and over again.

Over an hour of checking on him and praying he'd fall asleep went by and I decided something was just not right. I called our doctor's on-call nurse and she responded really quickly. She asked how his breathing sounded and to lift his shirt and check the motion of his ribs and chest as he breathed. I told her it seemed a little more heavy and strained than normal. She had me count out his breaths and she determined his rate was a little higher than they would like. It was a rate of 48, and they recommend a child his age be seen in emergency care if it's over 40. She thought perhaps the coughing was waking him up and his struggle to get enough oxygen was keeping him up. So off we went to the emergency room for the first time.

We went to Swedish in Issaquah - so nice that we didn't have to drive to Overlake in Bellevue. We packed a cup of water, some snacks, a book and lots of toys in case we were in for a long night of waiting. We checked in at reception and the nurse came out to get us before the receptionist could even finish explaining the paperwork. It's a very nice facility and the staff was thorough. They had Evan take 2 chest X-rays. I walked over with him and once we got there, remembered I probably shouldn't be in the room when they took the X-ray, on account of Lil' Babe. So they paged Pops to join us and I had to wait outside. They got the 2 pictures on the first try, although Evan was not very pleased that I had to leave the room.

The doctor examined Evan and couldn't determine if the weird sounds he was hearing was due to Evan's stuffy nose or chest. The X-rays checked out, so they decided to give him some medication that he inhaled. He got a little mask in the shape of a dinosaur and was very good about breathing in the medicine. The medicine didn't make a ton of difference, so we were going to assume it was viral and would just have to monitor it. However, I had to remind the doctor that he mentioned Evan's left lymph node was enlarged, which totally slipped his mind. So he immediately prescribed some antibiotics that would help with the lymph node and perhaps even a bacterial sinus infection, should that be why Evan was so congested. They were able to give us the meds right there - no extra stop to pick up a prescription! And we were sent on our way.

We got home at 2 AM, just 2 hours later, and put Evan down. He was quite alert on the car ride home and wanted to read more stories, but once I started saying good night and laid him down in bed, he started rubbing his eyes and yawning. It was such a rough night for the little dude - and for us too! I was hoping he would sleep in til 10, but I got 7:45 instead. Hopefully he'll take a long nap today - and I will get to, too! The antibiotics seem to be working and hopefully he'll be over this pretty quickly! Cause I need a good night's sleep after all this excitement!!

Friday, January 4, 2008

Jan. 4 Evanisms

So my husband came up with the word "Evanisms" to describe the funny things Evan says. Here are a few that happened last night and today.

*In the middle of eating dinner, Evan says, "Momma has diarrhea bug, ha ha ha!" What was so funny was that it was so random - and honestly, it was untrue... really... seriously.

*Last night I was putting Evan down for the night and I was saying good night. He gave me a hug and said, "Momma, sit in chair and watch Evan sleep." I was like, "When do I ever do that? I say good night, give you a kiss and leave your room." And he repeated it, "Momma, sit in chair and watch Evan sleep."

*Today at the library we were in the Children's section. After grabbing a few books, I said, "Evan, let's go look for Momma's book now." (It was on the hold shelf, ready for pick-up.) Evan walked right up to the librarian's desk (and for some reason lowered his voice to this deep growl), and said, "Where's Momma's book?" I don't think the librarian heard him, so I nudged him away and he looked at me and said, "Evan asked, Evan asked." Yup, Evan asked alright.

Thursday, January 3, 2008

Evan's Funnies

So I wanted to list some of Evan's funniest sayings before I forgot them. He just cracks me up.

*We toured a preschool and he seemed to be having a good time. We got back in the car and as we were leaving I asked what he thought of the school. He made the ickiest face and said, "not very good." I said, "really? I thought you were having a good time." And he made the same icky face and said, "no, not very good." So we didn't go with that school. :)

*We have our Christmas cards plastered on our refrigerator and Evan likes to look at the pictures of his friends. One morning, one of our cats, Piko (a brown tabby that we also call Brownie), was sitting in front of the fridge because it was blowing hot air in his face, which he loves. Evan saw this and said, "Brownie is looking at friends' pictures!"

*Evan is very picky about his cups. I don't want to wash a lot of dishes, so he gets one cup for water and one for milk for the whole day. Sometimes he wants a different cup in the middle of the day and I explain that he's not getting it. He tells me, "This water is dirty. Need new water."

As I remember them or hear new ones, I'll try and post more.

Happy 2008!

I can't believe 2007 has come and gone. Time sure flies when you're having fun. 2008 will be an exciting year for us. We hope Evan will finally poop on the potty. If we can check that off the list, then we can look forward to Evan going to preschool in the fall! We've submitted an application and we should know in about a week whether we got in or if we need to look for alternatives... Cross your fingers! Evan likes the idea of going to school. He thinks he'll be such a big boy. But when we ask him what he needs to do to go to school, he says, "shi shi and poop in the potty." He also has to get used to the idea that Momma won't be going to school with him. We shall see how that goes.

Probably the most exciting event we will be looking forward to in 2008 will be the addition to our family! Number 2 is on the way and we can't wait! Lil' Babe is due August 1st, but I have a feeling we'll be having a July baby. Evan says that he would like a sister (I think because in the Spot book, Spot has a little sister), but who knows. At times I think we're having a girl, just because this pregnancy has been different from Evan.

Maybe it's nesting, or just wanting to clean up and organize for the New Year, but today I attacked the closet. I brought out the maternity clothes (don't need them yet) and packed up the too-tight pants. I'm at the in-between stage of outgrowing my regular clothes and not quite big enough for maternity wear. So I'm stuck wearing my fat pants. Lovely. I also patched my maternity jeans that I ripped with Evan cause I got too big for them. :) Again, lovely. :)