Sunday, September 29, 2013

Washington State Fair

The kids received free passes to the Washington State Fair from school, and I got one from work, too! So we decided to try it out (we had done the Evergreen State Fair a couple years ago) and see what it was like to "do the Puyallup." There was a petting zoo area and this turned out to be one of the kids' favorite activities of the day - petting the soft bunny!

Petting a chick that was a few days old.

Evan was so brave! He rode a sheep!

There was a catch and release fishing activity for the kids. Evan caught one pretty quick.

Ellena took a while, but she finally got one! And she even touched the fish!

It was a great day - the weather was fabulous and we had lots of fun. A few weeks after the fair, Ellena was telling us about an assignment in school. She had to pick the best event of her life - she chose the Alice in Wonderland play from this summer because she got to be on stage. Evan couldn't believe that was what she chose. He said if it was his list, he would have said, "First Disneyland and second Washington State Fair." I guess he really enjoyed himself at the fair!

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